Read everything before starting!
If you have a youtube channel with minimum 3000 subscribers you are able to get a sponsorship.
The tokens amount depend on how many subscribers you have.
You will get 1 Token for 1 Subscriber to use in your video.
When you have made and posted the video you will get to keep the item(s) that you won as a payment.
You can get sponsored 1 time every 5 days.
1 youtube channel can only be used on 1 steam-account.


If you break any of these rules your account will stay limited and your video will be declined.

The Process.

  1. Enter your youtube channel into the input at the end of this page.
  2. You will receive a verification code, write this into your youtube channels description and click verify.
  3. Now you can see if you are available for a sponsorship, if you are it will tell you how much tokens you will receive, if you agree with this, click on the "Get Tokens" button.
  4. Your account gets limited (withdraw disabled) and you receive the amount of tokens we provide you with depending on your amount of subscribers.
  5. Start recording and create a video, then post a link to it here for inspection.
  6. We review your video
    4.1 If it's accepted we will enable you to withdraw again and you can withdraw the items you have won as a payment.
    4.2 If it's declined we will provide you with a reason why we declined it and then you fix this issue and post a new video for review until we accept it.
  7. You may create a new video again 5 days after your last one. (You can do this any amount of times)