Max-Bet: 100 000Ŧ

This is a regular Blackjack with normal rules.
You write the amount you want to bet in the box below.
The goal is to reach number 21 or close as possible without going over 21.
If the house gets over number 21 you are automaticly the winner.
If you go over 21 you lose your bet and the house wins.
The point is to get closer to 21 than the house.
If you have the same card-value as the house it is a draw, your betted tokens will be returned.
If you get 21 on your two first cards you will get a Blackjack and will get paid 3 to 2. If the house gets Blackjack and you get 21 non blackjack, the house will win.
You can also choose to stand after two cards has shown up from your hand.
You turn the cards by clicking on them!


  1. Split Blackjacks are not considered "Blackjack", and will only give you 2x money-betted, but will still beat house 21 non blackjack.
  2. Blackjack (ace + 10 value card) always wins over non blackjack 21 valued hand (both for house and player).
  3. You can only Double-Down for the same amount of your initial bet.
  4. We play with "infinite" amounts of decks.

You can NOT

  1. Re-split aces.
  2. Hit/Double splitted aces.
  3. Double splitted hands.
  4. Surrender.