Freepot works like our Jackpot but this one is free and just once a day.

To enter the Freepot you need to have "CSGO-CASE.COM" in your steam name and own CSGO on your steam account. If you have changed your name, It will NOT update until you relog on this website.

We take 10% of the earned tokens from Dices and Roulette minus what we already have given away. Then we give it away every day to a user who has signed up for the Freepot.

If the site have earned negative you will NOT be in debt if you win. You will simply win 1000Ŧ from the Freepot, since this is our minimum jackpot.

You need to have "CSGO-CASE.COM" all the day untill the winner is picked or you will be removed from the freepot.

WARNING: You can not have private steam profile when entering or winning the freepot.