Provably Fair

You can easily check the house edge on all games by visiting the games stats page.
If this is not enough for you, you can also check every single random generated value our servers have provided by continue reading on this page.
All game rolls are generated using a provably fair system. This means that we as operators cannot manipulate the outcome of any roll.
Each roll is generated in part using the results of the New York Lottery's Take 5 game. (we use this instead of user-specific seeds since it's easier and not as much space consuming compared to saving individual seeds for every user and game-round).

Players may replicate any past roll using the code below:

$server_seed = "39b7d32fcb743c244c569a56d6de4dc27577d6277d6cf155bdcba6d05befcb34";
$lottery = "0917212230";
$game_name = "game";
$round_id = "1";
$part = "0";
$min_value = "1";
$max_value = "6";
$hash = hash("sha256", $server_seed."-".$lotto."-".$game_name."-".$round_id"-".$part);
$roll = $min_value + fmod(hexdec(substr($hash,0,8)), ($max_value-$min_value+1));
print "$game_name, Round $round_id, part: $part, => $roll";

You can execute PHP code straight from your web browser with tools like PHP Tester. Simply copy-paste the code into the window and change the server_seed, lottery, game_name, round_id, part, min_value and max_value values to the game and round you want to check. Then execute the code to verify the roll.

The roll answer you get from the code is calculating your winnings in different ways in every game, click on a game and look below for an explination:

Below is a deeper explination of how the different variables works:

DateServer seedLottery