Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Q: Why should I use this website?
  2. A: Everything on the same site, gambling, "trading/market", betting and a good support.

  3. Q: How much is 1Ŧ worth?
  4. A: 1Ŧ ~ 0.001$, depending on how accurate our prices are at the moment.

  5. Q: Do you give Tokens or skins back if my account gets hacked?
  6. A: No, it is your own responsibility to keep your steam account safe and secure.

  7. Q: How do I contact the website owners?
  8. A: Easiest way to contact us is by a message on Facebook. You can get all the information you need by clicking HERE.
  9. Games

  10. Q: Why is there a bet-limit on some of the games?
  11. A: This is because we do not want someone to be lucky and to buy all items from our market, this will be higher when we have more items on the market.
  12. Age

  13. Q: What is the age requirement to use this website?
  14. A: It differs from country to country it is usually 18 years old, some features may be legal for you and some may not, play at your own risk. But none of the features on this site is using real-money, only CSGO-skins and our "tokens". However, please check your countrys laws before using this website.
  15. Contact

  16. Q: How long is the maximum time before I can not get a refund from a bug?
  17. A: We keep our logs for 2 weeks, if you have not contacted us within 1 week we will not help you, if you encounter a bug please contact us immediately.
  18. Skins&Tokens

  19. Q: How do I get Tokens?
  20. A: You sell your skin to our website and you get tokens in return.

  21. Q: Can I earn tokens for free?
  22. A: Yes, you can Recruit a Friend, you can join our daily Freepot and you can complete offers to earn tokens.

  23. Q: What happens if there are more tokens than skins to buy?
  24. A: We strive for this not to happen, that is the reason we take a cut on many features, we are supplying our market with items if there is not enough at the moment.

  25. Q: Can I get my tokens or skins refunded?
  26. A: Anything done with your tokens is FINAL, we do NOT refund ANYTHING, it is YOUR responsibility to keep your account safe and not let anyone else use it.
    But if our system had a bug you can of course contact us and we will do our best to refund you and fix the bug!

  27. Q: What is the lowest value I can deposit?
  28. A: 0.5$ is the lowest value you can deposit.

  29. Q: How do I withdraw items to my steam inventory?
  30. A: Go to your Inventory then click on the items you want to withdraw, then click on the withdraw button, wait some seconds and you will get a tradeoffer from the bot(s)!

  31. Q: Why do I have to play 50% of what I deposit?
  32. A: This is because we are not a trading service and you should only use our website if you actually want to play with your items.
  33. System

  34. Q: How do you pick random numbers for your games?
  35. A: We use hashing on a daily seed and lottery, therefore you will be able to verify any rolls made by the server and prove it is legit, you can find more about it HERE!

  36. Q: Why is there no provably fair for case opening?
  37. A: At the moment we are just picking a random item from the database and giving it as the case prize, and we have not found any way we could make this provably fair, since the market is changing all the time. If you have any ideas, please contact us. You can however check the statistics from previous rolls to see that it is legit.

  38. Q: Where can I report a bug and do you have bug bounty?
  39. A: You report bugs by sending a message on Facebook, it can be found HERE. We offer a bug bounty for critical bugs (bugs that directly affect tokens or safety of rolls).
  40. Cookies

  41. Q: What is the cookies you save on my computer?
  42. A: We are using cookies to save small pieces of information on your computer, such as "stay-logged-in" value, sound volume and statistics, to improve the user experience.
  43. Copyright

  44. Q: Can I use any of your scripts, code or images on my website?
  45. A: No, everything on this website is under the copyright © law, therefore It is considered stealing!
  46. Valve

  47. Q: Are you associated with Valve or Steam in any way?
  48. A: No, we are a "3rd party" site and we are not associated with steam or valve, we will also never get any of your steam login-information since you login on the official website.
  49. Other

  50. Q: Do you need a trading, marketplace or other csgo related website?
  51. A: If you are looking for csgo trade bots, csgo gambling sites or a csgo marketplace to sell your skins for real money, please check out our partners's csgo list.